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Top 3 & Top 10 Ranking Positions

Did you see a lots of ads or some websites saying they promise you to put you in the Top 3 & Top 10 Ranking Positions for your website for $99 up to $999?

How can you tell if what they say is a lie? Here’s how I see it.

  1. Check out their own rankings in Alexa and Google PR (page rank). If their own ranking is low, how can you trust them to help your website to rank higher? (Of course, one reason for their current low ranking could be that their website is too new. Then how reliable is a brand new website? At least main search engines like Google do not trust.
  2. Check out what they have promise you. Top 3 or Top 10 ranking?  For what keywords. Usually they may not mention any keywords that is important for your business. We can help your website to rank #1 in Google for just $10, but that could be useless. For example, our website can rank #1 in Google (click to see it now), but that doesn’t mean anything to us because who would type in to search if they don’t know this name?
  3. If you see their site because you click one of their Google ads or ads on other search engines, then why they need to pay higher to advertise them if they can get higher ranking for business websites. They could have done that for themselves rather than do it for your website first.
  4. SEO (search engine optimization ) is continuous hard work that takes time and efforts.

What would be the good keywords for your business website then?  Take our own website for example, one of good keywords could be “Bay Area SEO Web design”

We will cover more of this later in our SEO articles.

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