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Mobile Browser is becoming increasing popular. More and more web sites try to offer more convenience for their mobile users. The QR code (or Quick Response code) here can be translated into “” by the Barcode Scanner of all the Android Phone, iPhone

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and other smart phone.

You may not want to type long URL for some Web pages even you can type pretty fast on your smart phone. For example, for the URL父亲节快乐, you may just want to scan this and go there.

QR Code for Happy Father's Day in Chinese

QR Code for Happy Father's Day in Chinese

How do we usually use it? Let’s assume that your friend is browsing a great Web page, and you want to go to that web page too. However the URL is too long for you to enter correctly and quickly, then you spot a  QR Code for that page, you can run your bar code scanner and grab that page info into your phone.

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QR code is never for decoration or fancy looking;it is becoming more and more pratical.

How do you generate your own QR code is a great free service you can use.

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