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Organic Search Result Listing

When we do a search on or, we usually get two types of listings: The paid listing and free listing ( which we usually also call organic or natural listing). Google  Adwords and Bing Adcenter ads are paid listing and usually found on the top or the right side of the result pages.

The search engines use different ways to determine the web page relevancy,  and show the most relevant pages to the query on the top on the result page.  According to Google,  they use PageRank along with other factors (over 200 of them) to determine the page relevancy to the user’s query.

Website developers may use SEO or search engine optimization techniques to improve their content pages, internal and incoming links to get higher PageRank so their web pages can get listed higher in the search result pages or SERPs (search engine result pages), thus get more traffic from the better organic search result listing.

Unless you have learn SEO, you still need to pay for SEO services to do the job. So organic search is NOT free in a sense, but when you find a real SEO expert who can do proper SEO for your website,  it may be more cost effective than using Adwords or other paid listing ads.

When we talk about SEM or search engine marketing, we usually need to cover SEO for organic search and paid online advertising.

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