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Marketing dollars have shifted away from traditional outlets like PR and cold calling

Did you ever try cold calling for at least one week? Many of my friends, as insurance agents, tried that a lot and they know the results would be good but they still had to do it. Why? They really believe, the insurance sales is a number game. As long as you call enough, you may get enough leads out a big amount of calls. However, they also believe referrals are the most valuable business assets they are looking for.

We found the very few big and successful insurance agencies are also doing very well in inbound marketing. How?
They are making full use of the modern media to make their business and reputation known via TV and Radio programs, websites, and social media marketing.

Marketing dollars have shifted away from traditional outlets like
PR and cold calling. But the skill sets of internal teams lag
behind. For some, the time and resources needed to train
internal people on how to master inbound marketing must-
haves like SEO and email marketing do not exist.

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