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Google Panda 3.4

Google Panda 1.0, a major change in Google’s search results ranking algorithm, was released in Feb., 2011,  a little more than a year ago.

Big sites such as J.C. Penny were hit by Panda!  It is a “Kungfu Panda” who may hit big guys.  From Wikipedia, we learned “that Google’s new Panda machine-learning algorithm, made possible by and named after engineer Navneet Panda”. With this major change, “many new ranking factors have been introduced to the Google algorithm” and some older ranking factors such as PageRank have been downgraded in importance.

Now Google Panda 3.4,  their latest update, was rolling out around  11pm PDT on March 23 in Hawaii and then globally. No official news was released except for a post on Twitter that night.

What Significant difference did Panda make? The new algorithm impacts an entire site’s ranking or specific section rather than just the individual pages on a site. And they said “Panda seems to focus on the web page date.”

In 2012, it looks like Google Panda may be updated every month:

Google Panda v3.2 :  1/14/2012
Google Panda v3.3:  2/29/2012





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