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Bilingual Web Site with WordPress gets all the SEO benefits of the search engine friendly features of WordPress, the dynamic Web publishing system. The office manage can easily add or update the English and Chinese contents and blogs with a short training section (almost no learning curve for someone who knows how to use Word or email system.) Try to Google for “Immigration lawyer Santa Clara”, you should can find their site on the top of the first result page.

Teacher Ho English Class
A great example of business site using WordPress blogging system as a content management system, so it doesn’t look a like a blog but a professional site. They may add a blog there, but since they are too busy to put on new contents frequently, they just skip the blog:

Teacher Ho's English Class

Teacher Ho's English Class

Hey, it serves them well as it even includes an online enrollment form to get new students. 鸿达电视通讯 is a business website for professional sattelite TV and Comcast authorized dealer in Fremont, CA. With the famous blogging system WordPress, which has become a full-fledged content management system, the site does not look like only a blogging site at all. What you see is a professional business website front and the slider showing the featured TV package and you can also find the online order form for their different TV packages.

89 WordPress Video Tutorials from WP89 has been launched and is planning to put on 89 WordPress Tutorials for both WordPress beginners and developers.
Their tutorials will cover

  • WordPress hosting and installation
  • WordPress basic set up, such as permalinks, widgets and themes
  • Income generation with Ads from Adsense, Amazon, and other affiliate programs
  • Spamming prevention
  • Setting lead generating pages, landing pages and sales pages as well as online stores

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