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Bay Area SEO Web Design

This is not our business name, but you may find us by Googling “Bay Area SEO Web Design” (sometime you may need to go to the 2nd page of the search result, but hopefully, after some SEO work is done for our own Web site, it will come up to the 1st page).

We have been offering SEO or search engine marketing, social media marketing, Web marketing to many businesses in Bay Area of greater San Francisco to professional services such as law firms, dental offices, and other small businesses since 2009. Our team lead Kaibo Paul Huang has actually been building business Websites since 1996 and has an increasing focus on SEO and Web Marketing because only valid targeted traffic means more businesses and revenue. Those websites include,,,, Continue reading

Bilingual Web Site with WordPress gets all the SEO benefits of the search engine friendly features of WordPress, the dynamic Web publishing system. The office manage can easily add or update the English and Chinese contents and blogs with a short training section (almost no learning curve for someone who knows how to use Word or email system.) Try to Google for “Immigration lawyer Santa Clara”, you should can find their site on the top of the first result page.

What Is Web Design

When we talk about Web Design, many only think of the graphics, header, buttons and navigation of a Website.
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SEO Web Design for Law Firm Web Sites

If you have a law firm web site for more than 2 years but still have little traffic, then you may just keep your web site for PR or company image, but not for marketing.  This may be changed for much better business for most law firms with the help of our specialized law firm web site SEO web design services.

Our SEO web design services are localized, meaning that we do not serve more than one lawyer in your business area in  your metro city area.

For example, we have the following law firm clients in San Jose, Silicon Valley, in San Francisco, CA:

    1. Business Attorneys in San Jose/Silicon Valley They are now #2 when you Google for “Patent Lawyer San Jose” or “litigation attorneys“.
    2. Lawyer in Santa Clara/South Bay/Silicon Valley They are #C in Local business results when Googling for “Immigration attorney santa clara”. Please note that this domain was registered on 10/25/2009, and the web site was launched in Nov, and no SEO was done until 12/28/2009

      A law firm client was pleased to tell us that they “got over $40,000 business” in the first month after our SEO service started.  We can do our best using our experience and search engine expertise for your attorney web site, but we never guarantee your top positions in search result pages because it depends on your business area, keyword requirements, competition status, your domain and SEO history (bad SEO black-hat tricks can harm your ranking), and the contents provided from you ( Content is always the King ) and frequently you can offer fresh contents.

      If you are too busy to provide fresh contents, we can help you to get the best copywriter for law firms at reasonable price.

      We also do VSEO (video search engine optimization ), which is also great for your corporate public image with our experience video makesr and editors.

      When we do SEO for your sites, we usually redesign the whole web site for you with a better system and lots of SEO features.  If you are still looking for some so-called top-ranking guarantee like some ads from some SEO “experts”, you may be still confused by their artificial words.

      With our top quality service, you can be sure that your traffic can be improved and more business can come from your web sites.

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      Our office is located in Silicon Valley San Francisco Bay Area, CA
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      San Francisco Tel:(415) 322-8799
      Dublin Tel::(925)335-6728
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