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About BayWM was all about Bayarea Web Marketing (WM) for You. Now it is about Wealth Management as well as Bayarea Web Marketing.

WM – could also be waste management?  Well, this waste management can just be getting waste under control. Manage it to avoid any waste, right?

1) Wealth Management  – an art to accumulate wealth and manage the wealth for your life.

Are you just busy working and trying to get enough money to support to your life style? If you do not pay attention to your wealth and show respect to your wealth, it may be leaving you, just like your “sweet heart”.

Why wealth management was added to our menu?  Because real estate and residential mortgage have been included in our business since 2016. These two areas are important for a personal wealth management.

2) Web Marketing or Internet Marketing

This has been my professional area for the last 1

Whether you are a small or medium business, we can help you with business web site building, business mailing list management, web marketing via SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) and business blogging.

Just building a pretty web site for your business is not enough, you need good web marketing for promote your site and your business with the help from the WM experts, like us, at

For a free SEO analysis report of your site, other Web marketing service details and affordable quote, please contact one of Web marketing specialists

When thinking of Wealth Management Web Marketing in San Francisco Bay Area, remember !

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