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Keywords in Your Domain Name

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How to Choose a Domain Name

When looking for a domain name, I prefer the shorter ones, but keywords are usually more important than anything else.

For example, for travel agent website, is better than and is better than
(Try not to use “-” or “_” in your domains.)

One business may have multiple domains, which share the same website contents. Great example is is the same as Personally, I prefer as it is so short and their brand name is too famous for keywords. The brand name Barns and Noble is like a synonym to big book store, which may be inside Google or Bing’s indexing and ranking systems.

With more and more mobile web browsing, shorter domain names are more important and we may use them to redirect the traffic to a longer domain name you own.

So when choosing our own domain names, we just believe that WM is great for Web Marketing and we can compensate the short coming using the right title (in the front page) with our keywords.

Please click the following to find if your favorite domain names are available:

Remember, domain names are cheap and the marketing effect of some good domain names can get you better return on your investment.
That is why we have so many domain names for our business.

Another important thing to remember when choosing a domain name is trying to avoid trademark infringement. You should at least Google it with “trademark + your domain name”. Consulting a trademark lawyer may help you avoid getting into legal issues later.

Here’s a great article on How to Choose a Domain which share my opinions:

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