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网站观察 Website Watch:   This site is pretty good and it is built using Joomla! 1.5, a great CMS or PHP framework for online community.

JC Health Insurance Services is offering  auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and work compensation.

Their website is a bilingual site with English and Chinese contents.  Its nice design provides the visitors with easy 2 step quote request.

FoodTube.Net is The Video Guide to Recipes & Restaurants
Share your food video with other food lovers. A great social networking site
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89 WordPress Video Tutorials from WP89 has been launched and is planning to put on 89 WordPress Tutorials for both WordPress beginners and developers.
Their tutorials will cover

  • WordPress hosting and installation
  • WordPress basic set up, such as permalinks, widgets and themes
  • Income generation with Ads from Adsense, Amazon, and other affiliate programs
  • Spamming prevention
  • Setting lead generating pages, landing pages and sales pages as well as online stores

Check it out today! – WordPress tutorials for your business web sites.

We Are Certified Master SEOs

We are web marketing professional with Master SEO certification and years of experience in promoting online businesses.

We build our first online store in 1996 selling software and have served lots of clients with different needs.

We understand that nowadays more and more web site owners try to maximize the return on their investment on their business and web sites through SEO, search engine optimization and SEM, search engine marketing as well as social networking. This is our service focus. We are here to help you with our expertise and experience.

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Hello, Businesses of the Bay! is set up to serve all the business in S.F. Bay Area with Web Marketing advantages.

We help you to do your business marketing on the Web and get better return on your web site and daily business investment.

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