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Marketing dollars have shifted away from traditional outlets like PR and cold calling

Did you ever try cold calling for at least one week? Many of my friends, as insurance agents, tried that a lot and they know the results would be good but they still had to do it. Why? They really believe, the insurance sales is a number game. As long as you call enough, you may get enough leads out a big amount of calls. However, they also believe referrals are the most valuable business assets they are looking for.

We found the very few big and successful insurance agencies are also doing very well in inbound marketing. How?
They are making full use of the modern media to make their business and reputation known via TV and Radio programs, websites, and social media marketing.

Marketing dollars have shifted away from traditional outlets like
PR and cold calling. But the skill sets of internal teams lag
behind. For some, the time and resources needed to train
internal people on how to master inbound marketing must-
haves like SEO and email marketing do not exist.

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Now it’s time to help others with my Facebook marketing knowledge. Facebook Page

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QR Code for Happy Father's Day in Chinese

QR Code for Happy Father's Day in Chinese

How do we usually use it? Let’s assume that your friend is browsing a great Web page, and you want to go to that web page too. However the URL is too long for you to enter correctly and quickly, then you spot a  QR Code for that page, you can run your bar code scanner and grab that page info into your phone.

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Google Place Page

Local search is very important and helpful for local businesses to do Web marketing to promote their business. Google Places is usually the 1st thing Web marketing specialist to think of for local search marketing. With proper steps and good planning, your business can stand out in your neighborhood in Google Places with a great looking Google Place Page with your business marketing details. The following is the definition from Google:


Your business listing, also known as a Place Page, is a web page to organize all the world’s information for every place in the world. And we really mean every place: there are Place Pages for businesses, points of interest, transit stations, landmarks, and cities all over the world. As a business owner, you can verify your business and add content to your listing.

The following video shows a good example of one of our clients:

Contact us today for details to help you set it your Google place page.

Stupid & Smart Web Form Design

User friendliness is very important for any application including a web site. As we can find out, many nice web sites make it so easy for you to input the phone number, while others may really be frustrating to use some so-called “so smart” validating script to prevent you from entering your phone number in certain format.

Programmers are supposed to smart, but some of them are not considerate, from the users’ point of view.

For example, maybe the database field only accept the phone number without any dashes. In the form field, it still should be OK for the user to just enter the number with dashes or dots or quotes like
“510-123-4567” or “(510)123-4567” or 510.123.4567 because the form processor we program can take out the non-numeric characters easily to turn it into just “5101234567”. It is a piece of cake to make it work easily without bugging the user filling the form. Why we still often see the design like the following?

Things to Avoid for Smart Web Design

Things to Avoid for Smart Web Design

Want to see a smart form design? Here’s an example which we can follow for your Web design so your user will find your site more user friendly:

$2000 A Business Website Is Cheap!

Many people are trying to make money on free websites or with free hosting but usually end up wasting their time and missing great opportunities, which is more valuable than anything else. They often believe as long as they keep trying long enough this way, they can succeed one day. This sounds like my kindergarten daughter believes that as long as she keeps practicing piano without getting lessons from a teacher, she can play very well on piano one day. She needs to know she may have an easier and faster way to succeed in piano. I’m not saying that with good teachers and good lessons, we do not need to practice hard. I’m actually talking about the value of education. Who once said “If you think education is too expensive, try ignorance.” ? Derek Bok (pres. of Harvard Univ. 1971-1990)

For some other people, they are smart enough to make really good money on $100 websites. However, maybe one out of 10 or 100 people can do that. And this is a dream that many people want to have. Some books, or websites love to sell this dream to the public.

From our years of Web development experience with small businesses, $2,000 a business site is still cheap for a good business website that they can keep with their own updates and new contents. It is really true that good contents and services are the king for business. These business websites owners understand that they can have good ROI for the money spent on a properly set up site. Just imagine how you will feel if you can get $10,000 extra business when you only pay $1000 for the website. It is usually truth for our clients. Sometimes, the result is not immediate or so visible because of the nature of the business. Sometimes, the site owners may sit on a gold mine without knowing it and miss the potential or opportunities.

When we are in business, we need to have a business mindset. For example, what do you think when you go to a restaurant, and find out you can only pay cash? Maybe the owner doesn’t want to pay the credit company for the convenience for their customers. Maybe…

With a business website, you are selling your products and services, but you can only accept checks or COD, because you think Paypal or merchant services are too expensive or you don’t even want to pay someone to set it up for you and you don’t know how yourself.

Bilingual Web Site with WordPress gets all the SEO benefits of the search engine friendly features of WordPress, the dynamic Web publishing system. The office manage can easily add or update the English and Chinese contents and blogs with a short training section (almost no learning curve for someone who knows how to use Word or email system.) Try to Google for “Immigration lawyer Santa Clara”, you should can find their site on the top of the first result page.

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