Good Hosting Services

I’ve been using some good hosting services that you may find useful:

  1.  A2 Hosting  ( from $3.92/month and up depending on your needs) Great for WordPress websites!
  3. Webhostinghub ( from $4.99/month which includes a free domain, SSD fast drive hosting)
  4. Cruitial Hosting ( if you do not want to share the server with too many websites, you may want to use this one) It is a bit pricy, but I believe its servers are fast.
  5. Webhosting Pad ( very affordable  !  $1.99/month if you pay for 4 or 5 years)

(You may go to the website to explore and find the hosting features you need and then before you sign up, please come back here to click on the link to place your order. Let me know that you did that, then you will be rewarded with a gift card from me)

Usually, I suggest my clients to use an independent domain registrar for their domains ( don’t mix it with your hosting plan):

  1. is great one (better than godaddy)